I’ve always had a passion for traveling. I love to experience new cultures, new foods, new architecture – everything that comes with traveling. I think my love of photography really took off on my first trip abroad to Australia where I spent a semester studying (and enjoying the Aussie style of living) at the University of Wollongong. The gorgeous scenery was just begging for me to take its picture and who was I to say no? From this point on, I’ve always had a camera with me on my big adventures documenting everything from gorgeous scenery to the food I eat to silly things I see while I’m walking the city. As the years have gone on and my confidence in my photography has grown, I’ve begun to discover the joy of photographing people as my subjects. I love to find a balance between a beautiful backdrop and the unique personality of my subjects.

My full-time career is spent as a PhD candidate at Vanderbilt University – pursuing my PhD in Biomedical Sciences, with a focus on Type 2 Diabetes research. I am also an avid baker and hope to someday be as talented as the contestants on the Great British Baking Show (I think understanding scientific protocols has greatly enhanced my ability to bake complex recipes).