National Photography Day

It seems like every day is a National Fill-in-the-blank Day and today is no exception: it’s National Photography Day. I decided to share some of my favorite pictures from my recent photography class in honor of this holiday. Our teacher would give us a different assignment each week, with a task of taking five pictures related to that topic. The following class we would critique each others’ pictures and get a new assignment. I really loved this! I love taking pictures but I fall into the habit of only taking pictures on vacations or when people ask me to.  It was fun to always be on the look for a particular shot. I need to get back to doing this! I love taking long walks (once the summer heat goes away!!!) and I think this would be the perfect excuse for new pictures. Maybe I’ll even start a new series…who knows. I always have grandiose ideas but I don’t always have the follow through.










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